We choose, in this decade, to banish instantiation

From this day forth, I can confirm the new programming paradigm will be: # ******************************************************************** # TRASHY LITTLE SUBROUTINES # ******************************************************************** As found in the Lunar Landing Guidance Equations of the Apollog Guidance Computer,

On non-constructive criticism of populist writers

Provoked by comments on Coding Horror – I Stopped Reading Your Blog Years Ago. If you are a blog reader: your faith in knowledge is cumulative, so learn how many imprints of a particular “truth” you need before you’re satisfied that it’s a decent reflection of reality. This threshold is your dividing line between entertainment […]

Visualisation – decline in interest rates

There’s an interesting post at PTS Blog about a chart used in the WSJ to show the decline in interest rates. There are some issues with the visualisation but I think the bigger problem is with using a very selective dataset which may serve more to support the writer’s position rather than reflecting reality. I […]