After reawakening this morning and seeing that Senate and House were also blue, I had a funny thought: that we would now be able to move on and start changing the world for the better.  I am from the UK and haven’t considered the USA to be a part of ‘we’ for the past 28% […]

Single: Cruciform

Purposefully distorted, another one take output taking about two hours from start to finish, including searching for “free” acapellas to use! Lyrics thanks to Future Breeze and Virtual Darkness for providing the acapella version. Everything else thanks to a demo version of Sytrus, and a demo version of FL Studio. For a change. Cruciform (featuring […]

Usability and Accessibility Focus Groups

Roger at 456bereastreet illustrates how to usefully enact a small scale usability test. I commented there; the expansion follows. I think it’s important to stress how much usability norms can differ across different audiences and regions, and how much adaptability and approachability after publication should be more of a factor in determining requirements. A company/organisation/community […]

Comment Spam: Some Thoughts On Accessibility

Aggregated from posts at accessifyforum.com. Tommy Ollsen has had some trouble with spam comments on his blog. I can’t sympathise, because nobody visits here. 🙂 But in patience for the day, some accessibility and usability concerns… I’ve always been very confused by blogs which have allowed comments, but not when you come across them (months […]

Acronym vs. Abbr!

A long debacle has plagued the web standards community: that of ABBR vs. ACRONYM. Let’s get one thing straight, to begin with: an acronym is still an abbreviation. Everything that is a contraction of a fuller version is an abbreviation. Acronyms, initialisms, 2nd-class-initialisms, communist-initialisms – they’re all still abbreviations. HTML tags exist for the purpose […]