Parting company with the company - The final email

It's funny 'cos it's true.

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Parting company with the company - The final email

Post by Blam » Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:41 am

Think this guy is more stupid that brave but..... this is a true email sent by an employee before leaving

Just my sort of email !!! From a an employee (took his name out for good measure) to Mark Wood Cheif Exec of Pru.

Dear Mr Wood,

Apologies but I forgot to include you in my earlier e-mail.

I understand that this will mean nothing to you as I am a feceless statistic that you are looking to remove.

Well, the good news is I am out of here and it has not cost you a penny.

good luck with your career in making poorly informed management decisions you are quite literallly the man!

bombay - Hmmm that will work then, didn't you try this before?

and am I wrong in thinking that it was considered a failure?

Still, You know you are right, fair play mate you do have a vision - shame you can't see!

Anyway, I will leave you to explain your "logic" to our customers while I pursue my career elsewhere.

Please let me know of any change in your employment, just in case you take the reins of any company I may work for in the future - as I will need to move because they will be finished.

Well done mate, enjoy your £12 mill bonus (or whatever it is, good luck counting it, I've got a good calculator if you need it.)

My mobile number is <blah> - ring me if you need a reality check (and I AM being serious about this point - it's all about the CUSTOMER and HONEST DIALOGUE) , I PROMISE to not use any big words that you may not understand.
I've got a G.C.S.E in economics (A grade) if it can help you out!.


<took his name out just incase>

p.s. To all of the poor people who have suffered with me - SOLIDARITY BROTHERS!

Anyway, I'm out on the lick so LATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.p.s. Choppper! Hmm sounds a bit gay to me

p.p.p.s And you've achieved what exactly (and I aint talking about filling your bank account)?

next msg.

Afternoon All,

My last day at the Pru has arrived finally got myself a Plan P45 From the Pru.

After a long stretch of 5 years 10 months I have finally reached my parole. Despite the fact that they were looking to commit me due to mental health issues, my excellent lawyer has got me off the hook.

Where to start?

When I joined I had no grey hair and drank very little.Now I'm going grey as a mule (and receeding) and enjoy the odd drink or two more than I should.

I have to be honest, as a social networking system the Pru are the mutts nuts, I will miss the people but I will decline to comment on the company itself. I hope you all sit tight, get your fat redundancy cheques and use the opportunity to move onwards and upwards.

I'd like to say thanks to all my mates in SSG, GPP, BSG, Stakeholder, Prutech and various random places round the Pru for all the laughs we have had in the otherwise dull world of pensions (with the exception of <BLAH>for being a judas an not being here for my leaving do!). I'm not sure Marlow is ready for me, but they will all have to change or there will be trouble.

Oh well, Chopper Wood (whoever he is, don't think he is important coz he's one of a VERY few people at the Pru who haven't bought me a beer.) wields his axe oncemore, nice try sunshine but you'll need to improve your technique to catch me! More evasive than a scouser in court. By the way, Mr Wood - I'll have a Chicken Madras, Mushroom Rice and a garlic nan, but I'll give the Bombay Potatoes a miss.

Anyway, enough of this - BEERS, BEERS & MORE BEERS from 4:30pm, BOBS to start then the full sesh round town. Hope you are all mad for it!

Always a pleasure, never a chore.

p.s. In case anyone wants to know how it feels to be leaving - Think 1999, Nou Camp, Against the Germans when a little Norwegian Lad called Ole scored a slightly important goal fairly late on in the game. This is ironically about the only thing I can remember from the last 5 years!

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Quality :lol:

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Folks should learn how to spell and type before they get all authoritarian. :roll:
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