What the hell are you doing?

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What the hell are you doing?

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Do you recycle as much as possible?

Are you with a green supplier of electricity?

Are you fighting and convincing others for a more renewable world?

Do you turn your lights off?

Do you turn everything else off?

Do you have solar panels? Would they work in your climate?

Have you seen African children close to death, because you buy cheap Tesco clothes which fuck up the global economic market?

Have you seen people die because of your actions? Or, have you felt them?

Shit, have you bought asparagus out of season and killed sealife because of the decrease in CO2? (I have!)

How much can you take?

Who are you?

What are you doing?

Are you going to spend 80 years pissing around with your own life and worrying about the next chocolate bar, or are you going to worry about the people who have less than a chocolate bar per day to spend on everything?

Yeah, I'm ranting. Fine. Ignore like you do "everything else in the media", the little they portray.

But let that little figure rot in your mind. 30,000 children per day die because of factors that you can change. You can stop buying from corporations who radically breach human rights, such as Nike and Nestle. You can ask Tesco questions about where they get their shit.

You can choose. You are in a fantastic economic climate previously unseen in Britain - you have no excuse.

Think. Then do.
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